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Interesting Links


Here are some interesting links:

(An interactive kids site for games, videos, and toys!)

Ekidsland Publishing, LLC
(A children's book publishing company.)

(A special site to thank our military personnel for their service.)

(To purchase ebooks!)

Jaggy, Inc.
(For all your ecommerce needs)

Event Management Services Incorporated
(A public relations firm!)

Artist: Yoo Choong Yeul
(artist's website)
(His illustration is being used for my book cover,
"Captain Delightable's Magical Tales of a Minchon Warrior")
Thank you, my friend!

Artist: Chad Trutt
(Artist's Website)
(Chad's illustration will be be used for my book cover,
"A Little Twist of Murder."
Thank you, my friend!

Self Publishing Experts
(They help aspiring authors navigate the
Self-Publishing process with ease and efficiency.)

Ultimate Ebook Creator
The best epub creator program out there anywhere.
I heartily endorse this program




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