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A ghastly murder, reminiscent of a long-ago terrifying classic, has everyone in New York City panicked.

The sexy-looking prime material witness has literally fallen into Detective Jake Brewer’s arms, and he is rapidly falling for her. To his chagrin, she is not only a witness but also a potential victim of the same killer. As his investigation heats up, Jake very soon finds himself in the midst of a bizarre set of circumstances that might very well bring about his own demise.

Once Upon a Harbor

Planned for 2018

In 1812, former ship captain Benjamin Elias Wallington is living a retired life in his old stone mansion near the harbor in Charleston, South Carolina. As an English citizen, he is extremely saddened by the new war between his former homeland, Great Britain, and his newly adopted land, the U.S.A.

Feeling great compassion for five "special" children, ‘the children of the flames,’ who all lost their parents on the same night in the ‘great town hall fire of 1809,’ he tries to bring some measure of stability to their shattered lives.

In the midst of it all, however, he remains haunted by his own tragic past. To make matters worse, time is growing desperately short for the work he must complete.

A Little Twist of Murder

Planned for 2018

Brad and Dominic, business partners, are in a bit of trouble and it seems that everyone wants them dead. Toss in an added cast of shady and inept characters, along with a police detective whose only wish is to retire to an isolated Caribbean island and live out his life in peace, and you have the makings for a wild and hilarious romp.
It’s anyone’s guess who’ll survive A Little Twist of Murder!

Chad Trutt




Falling in Love With My Own Demise

Planned for 2020

There are some who would say that together, firearms and a crazy lover are she-demons best to be avoided. For me, both were love at first sight. And the wild affair lasted years. It was a delirious time for me. It was a glorious time for them. And it served them well. Until their loving embrace nearly destroyed me.
    The echo of their words haunts me still. Their adoring and terrible voices, their tender, enveloping expressions beckoning me onward to my doom.
    Their voices are sweet. Their voices are pure. There is no deceit in their alluring words—they want me dead!

Planned for 2018

He saw her. He was certain of it. Mermaids do exist. Well, perhaps they do. It might cost him his sanity to find out for certain. It might even cost him his life.


Planned for 2019

Some say love is eternal. Some fear that it is. Some will die to find out.

Planned for 2019

The City of Gold had already been discovered deep in the black heart of the Amazon jungle. But that was centuries ago. Now only a voyage through time could bring about its rediscovery.

Planned for 2018


Sometimes, the greatest love can be found in letting go.

Planned for 2019

She wasn't supposed to ever be there. Everyone said it was impossible. But Tom was certain. There was a girl in the room. And now he's going to die!

Planned for 2019

Just where does madness begin?

Planned for 2019

A busload of school children went into the tunnel. They never came out the other end.

The Miracle Cover

Planned for 2020

Sometimes, for no particular reason and in the most unexpected ways, heaven sends special gifts to Earth. Sometimes those wonderful little blessings just pop into our lives without us even asking for them. They are called miracles. Sometimes they are great. Sometimes they are small. But who can argue the point that whatever their size, they are always amazing. Sometimes, however, even heaven needs a helping hand along the way.

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